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Immigrant entrepreneurs head for home

The Kauffman Foundation in the U.S.A. has published a report today that has found that “high-skilled immigrant entrepreneurs from India and China are leaving the United States by the tens of thousands each year”. And the main reason – better … Continue reading

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19th century rail links let down the North East

Photo courtesy of A couple of days ago my friends at the Bdaily Business Network Northeast inadvertently “set me off on one”. An article had been posted about a very commendable programme offering start-up funding to rural start-up and micro-businesses … Continue reading

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Today’s GDP announcement

Photo courtesy of H. M. Treasury I suppose that the best thing we can say about this morning’s announcement on Q1 GDP (still 0.5%) is that there weren’t really any surprises. The economy is still very much dependent on its … Continue reading

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Welcome to Pontacks Coffee Shop

There’s nothing really new about social networking, only the way in which we do it. Today we use Facebook or Twitter and a range of online forums and communities to talk about the things of most interest to us, make … Continue reading

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