Immigrant entrepreneurs head for home

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The Kauffman Foundation in the U.S.A. has published a report today that has found that “high-skilled immigrant entrepreneurs from India and China are leaving the United States by
the tens of thousands each year”
. And the main reason – better economic and
professional opportunities in their home countries. This has to ring alarm
bells here in the U.K. If the environment for entrepreneurship in the United States is not sufficient to retain these high-skilled immigrants, then what chance is there that the U.K. will fair any better in retaining its high-skilled immigrants?

The survey does point out, however, that those who return to their home countries maintain and exploit their contacts back in the United States with potential benefit to both nations. So if the same scenario pans out here will the deficit created by the drain in the talent pool, be offset to some extent by greater collaborative working? A cue for some research here, if not already underway. You can find the report here: Kauffman
Foundation report


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