Enterprise in Hull

Image courtesy of Hull City AFC Enterprise Academy

In Hull, they know that it is tough being Hull. They know that most secondary school students in the London commuter belt have no idea where Hull is and they must wonder also just how many in the Palace of Westminster would know how to get there, if pushed. This is a huge shame because Hull is one of the most
inspirational cities I know – it is a beacon of ‘Big Society’ in action but was doing it long before Mr Cameron and friends coined the phrase.

Just one example of Hull’s spirit and self-motivation is the Hull Enterprise Academy, which celebrated its second anniversary a few weeks ago. Hull City AFC and Hull FC share the KC Stadium and inspire hundreds of young people not only through world class sport but through an engaging and exciting business and enterprise programme. The latest ‘Enterprise Academy Newsletter’ reports that 1,000 of the city’s young people are on target to achieve their “Business and Enterprise qualification from the OCR awarding body”. It really is an excellent programme, and one in which I am proud to have played a (very small) part when the initiative was in its infancy. For more about Hull’s Enterprise  Academy look here or if you prefer, follow the Enterprise Academy at Hull FC or Hull City AFC on Facebook.


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