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Feigning “horror” at the £280m Europa building

It never ceases to amaze me just how hypocritical our politicians can be. They have very short term memories and they block out anything from their past that might make them wince a little. It is always somebody else’s fault … Continue reading

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The noble art of ‘sodcasting’

Since starting this blog, I wanted to write an occasional entry that was a little light-hearted – still topical and perhaps prompting a little discussion but that would also cause a smile or two. So how is a piece on ‘sodcasting’ … Continue reading

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Putting the education of children first.

I missed the beginning of Newsnight last night and came in part way through the item on the teachers’ dispute about pension reform. Dr Mary Bousted, the General Secretary of the ATL (a union so moderate, that few outside of … Continue reading

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Is Regional Growth Fund a flight of fancy?

With the deadline for bids in round 2 of the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) looming (1 July 2011), I am surprised at the lack of opinion on the initiative.  Sir Ian Wrigglesworth assures us that interest is high, as does … Continue reading

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Home working: an Olympic effort?

With the government calling for more people to work from home during the 2012 Olympics, corporate bosses across the capital will be waking-up with night sweats from increasingly recurring nightmares about their employees watching “The Games” at their expense. And … Continue reading

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What future for the property-owning democracy?

Since 1994, when I took out my first mortgage, I have been predicting that my generation would probably be the last to automatically expect to be home owners. My prediction was based on nothing more than observing that more-and-more money … Continue reading

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