Tuesday 9th August 2011 00:14 BST. I am sitting in my living  room watching my city burn. Five minutes ago explosions and flame leapt through another building in the north of Enfield. The gangs are in charge of London tonight.

Trevor Reeve, co-owner of House of Reeves in Croydon, has watched his 140 year old business razed to the ground and is understandably devastated. Clapham is in the hands of the gangs, as is Ealing, Woolwich, Camden, Hackney, Lewisham and many other parts of the capital. The police and emergency services cannot cope.

Ken Livingstone is deluded and has probably destroyed any chance he has of being re-elected Mayor of London. He is still trying to justify tonight’s anarchy as being simply a result of government economic policy and “disenfranchised” youth. It is not. It is pure, bloody minded, anarchy.

Rebuilding our city will take time. Dialogue within communities will be essential. Our young people need all the support and trust we can give them. But first we must crush the gangs and take our city back. Does this Government have the balls to do it? Do Londoners have the strength to support the severe action that is needed to put things right again? Words are cheap; only action now will do and if this does not stop tonight, the army should be called in.


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