Your Big Year 2012

One of the last initiatives I was introduced to in my time working on the government’s enterprise agenda was “Your Big Year”. I had met many champions of impressive enterprise initiatives and seen many of the proposed activities evolve successfully into staples of the UK’s enterprise culture change agenda. I met Chris Arnold shortly before taking redundancy from government service and his enthusiasm for the ambitious but fledgling “Your Big Year” ensured that I kept an eye on its progress after setting out on a new stage in my working life.

I am sure that in Chris’ wildest dreams, he never expected the idea to attract 44,489 individuals from 168 countries in its first year but that is exactly what happened. A truly global competition encouraging and promoting the importance of global citizenship, “Your Big Year” has a spectacular prize for the winners. A ten month, journey across five continents, working in some of the most challenging environments on some incredible volunteer led international projects. The first winners are setting out to work in an
orphanage and with child monks in Nepal; in Peru, they will help with building a clean water piping system; moving on to Kenya they will work in an HIV/Aids outreach centre. But those are just three of the activities that will challenge and inspire them as part of their big year.

“Your Big Year” is a Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) featured event. As we move closer to GEW 2011, I will feature more initiatives that support the focal point of the global enterprise promotion agenda. “Your Big Year 2012” kicks off in just a few days time on 8 September. So please follow it on the Your Big Year Facebook page, find out more about it at or at
spread the word. Who knows, somebody you introduced to the competition could be
setting off next year for their very own big year.


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