https://plus.google.com/110402271681330539368/aboutPontacks Coffee Shop is a blog by Mike Paice, a freelance writer and researcher who, after more than thirty years in public service, provides high quality copywriting services across a range of subjects for customers around the world.  Mike has particular experience in writing about enterprise, education, regulation and small business but also writes about travel/tourism; health/food; and can turn his hand to providing high quality copy on most subjects. Contact him through his website www.mikewpaice.com or by email at mwpaice@gmail.com

The original Pontacks Coffee-shop was located on the north side of Water Street in Liverpool many years ago. There are few references left today but it had a large “news-room” and was the regular meeting place of Liverpool’s chamber of commerce. It was, for many years, the main meeting place of Liverpool’s businessmen and civic leaders, as well as the place where preliminary bankruptcy meetings would take place.


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