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Observations on a Record Breaking Trade Deficit

Even with the most cynical and negative side of my persona, I cannot honestly say that I foresaw just how stubbornly weak the UK economy would remain. The double-dip recession was pretty much a foregone conclusion and the latest turndown … Continue reading

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Civil Service Cuts: Still flogging the old nag

The UK’s Civil Service is already smaller than it has been at any time since World War II (WWII). But the general consensus within parliament and within the economic and political communities is that this is only a start and … Continue reading

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Business Growth = Economic Growth: And the curse of technophobia

It’s a simple equation really: business growth = economic growth. The phenomenon of governments trying to influence the first element of the equation is nothing new – neither is their inability to succeed in any meaningful way. The first hurdle … Continue reading

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SME fear of the future drives double-dip

So we’re here – officially in the second dip of our double-dip recession. At the coffee shop we never saw a way of avoiding it – although, if I am honest, there was just the shortest of times when we … Continue reading

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The IMF’s sixth-sense

Photo courtesy of The IMF is seeing things – dead economies. On the one hand I was reassured that it is joining me in raising concern that a double-dip recession is becoming more not less likely but on the … Continue reading

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Enterprise Trends: Time to ask the big questions

Last year the government used Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) to launch its challenge of making this “the most entrepreneurial decade ever” and acknowledged that the need to develop a strong enterprise culture has never been more important. Successive governments and … Continue reading

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The dangers of playing the economic blame game.

With turbulent equity markets, gloomy news on jobs and more than 10% of town and city centre shops vacant, it is still difficult to see how we can avoid the dreaded “double-dip”. Against this backdrop Flatline George (Osborne) has sagely … Continue reading

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