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Sobering Thoughts on Gun Crime

Statistical comparisons between the UK and the USA rarely have any real value. You have to adjust the figures to reflect the huge disparity in the size of our respective populations if there is to be any real perspective given. … Continue reading

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GEW UK launch day

A great start to GEW UK 2011 and although I have been enjoying the National Health Service experience today by proxy, I did get a chance to have a limited browse at the Government’s contribution on launch day. At last … Continue reading

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CSR – where ‘C’ is for cynical

You would think that in the era of the internet, social networking and online reviews of just about everything, companies would be a little more serious about their corporate image. At best they just “don’t get it” at worst they … Continue reading

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Hooray! Triple-A.

Standard & Poor’s continued rating of the British economy as AAA is quite possibly the last piece of economic good news we will receive this side of the new financial year. The importance of this assessment cannot be underestimated and … Continue reading

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Compensation for discrimination

Care needs to be taken in considering any limits on compensation levels for discrimination cases – see Next steps in review of employment law. Few people will escape without ever experiencing some level of employer discrimination during their lifetime. Often … Continue reading


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Happy Europe Day!

Image courtesy of the European Commission Oh come on, you knew didn’t you? 9th May, the day back in 1950 when Robert Schuman called upon European nations to pool together their coal and steel resources, paving the way to the … Continue reading

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STEM – time to walk the walk.

Successive UK governments have long harped on about the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and quite rightly so. Has all this talk amounted to much? Well, it seems not. New research shows that people feel less … Continue reading

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Heads or tails? AV or not, at the toss of a coin.

I have, perhaps, given over too much of my ever dwindling brain power to the AV debate. As much as anything, I have been trying to decide if there really is merit in the proposed system of ranking candidates in … Continue reading

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Immigrant entrepreneurs head for home

The Kauffman Foundation in the U.S.A. has published a report today that has found that “high-skilled immigrant entrepreneurs from India and China are leaving the United States by the tens of thousands each year”. And the main reason – better … Continue reading

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19th century rail links let down the North East

Photo courtesy of A couple of days ago my friends at the Bdaily Business Network Northeast inadvertently “set me off on one”. An article had been posted about a very commendable programme offering start-up funding to rural start-up and micro-businesses … Continue reading

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