Welcome to Pontacks Coffee Shop

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There’s nothing really new about social networking, only the way in which we do it. Today we use Facebook or Twitter and a range of online forums and communities to talk about the things of most interest to us, make new friends and find new opportunities. In the 18th century social networking could only happen face-to-face and for many it happened at the coffee-shop. History often seems to turn full-circle and meeting at the coffee-shop was reborn when Starbucks, Costa Coffee and other contemporary coffee-shops took over from the pubs as the places to meet, greet and network.

When I set up this blog I was about to turn my hand to a new career in writing – producing web content, magazine articles and other print and online copy. This little blog became the place where, as a newbie, I would write about the things that interested me in the worlds of enterprise and current affairs. I have not been coming here as often since that work has taken off and so I have made a mid-year resolution to post more often and cover more subjects as my work introduces me to new subjects and new people.

Oh yes and the name…. Pontacks was a coffee shop my family owned in Liverpool, many years ago – there’s a very short history in the ‘About’ section.


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